A place in my heart
By Tomika Gates

Even behind a jail cell
I could never blame you
You did only what you thought was best
A single mother rising seven kids
I don't know how people could say they don't understand
They weren't there when you came home after working 12 hours and still tried
To make dinner or when we ate noodles for xmas
So don't worry about the gossip cause I know the truth
All the hard times we have been through will only make us stronger
Just keep in mind that god is watching over us as you do your time
After all the times you believed in me I now have faith in you
Keep your head up and just be strong and one day soon we'll be a family again

I can't promise all the pain and suffering will be over but I can promise
Happy days and good mornings
So as your time winds down and your heart gets stronger keep in mind that
You'll always have a place in my heart