Time to investigate the FBI

U.S. Congressman Santo Trafficante (D-Ohio) asked and was given permission to address the House of Representatives for one minute and to revise and extend his remarks on May 15, 2001.

"What is the big surprise, Mr. Speaker, in the McVeigh case? The FBI has been hiding evidence for years. Think about it. If you really believe that two Libyan mules blew up Pan Am 103, you are on Prozac.

"If you really believe that the best FBI sharpshooter just happened to accidentally shoot Mrs. Weaver right between the eyes, you still believe in Mother Goose.

"Congress, if you believe the Waco jury heard the whole truth from the FBI , you still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

"And, Congress, if you still believe the propaganda about the assassination of JFK, by God, you still believe that Mae West is a virgin.

"Beam me up. It is time for an investigation into FBI hiding and concealing exculpatory evidence on criminal defendants.

"I yield back the FBI corruption from Boston, Massachusetts to Youngstown, Ohio."