Veterans for Peace
calls for end of Drug War

Veterans For Peace, Inc. overwhelmingly passed the following resolution at their national convention in Albuquerque NM August 23-26, 2001.

Not by accident, Joe Minella of New Mexico wrote and presented the resolution to his fellow veterans.

Many people write or call asking what they can do to help end the drug war. You can follow the example of TNC members like Joe, bringing the drug war issue to other groups you may be involved in.


WHEREAS the government of the United States has, for the last 30 years and more, attempted to control the problems of drug abuse and addiction by means of policies collectively known as the "war on drugs",

WHEREAS these policies are primarily militaristic, punitive, and brutal, and are therefore causing an unacceptable level of collateral (innocent) damage,

WHEREAS these policies, even after many expensive, cold-blooded, and constitutionally dangerous expansions, have brought only increased and ongoing misery, suffering, and death in our society and other societies,

WHEREAS these policies are irrefutably linked to the dissolution of families, to the neglect of children, to joblessness, crimes of violence, historic levels of official corruption, property crimes, and to the empowerment of an endless parade of well-heeled and vicious criminal organizations, large and small,

WHEREAS these policies have needlessly cost the lives of too many hundred police officers, and put the lives of thousands of officers needlessly at risk, and have corrupted thousands of officers in hundreds of communities, and have distorted and strained the relationship between police and citizens,

WHEREAS these policies have left certain drugs, like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana on the streets where our children can more easily find them,

WHEREAS these policies have caused dishonest, confusing, and shameful messages to be sent to our children,

WHEREAS these policies have caused the long term imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of non-violent Americans for victimless crimes, making the United States the world's leading jailer.

WHEREAS these policies have led to the serious erosion of the constitutional protections which are the birthright of every American,

WHEREAS these policies have led directly to the suffering and death of many thousands of innocent people in other countries and have contributed to national and ecological and human catastrophes in Colombia, and have seriously destabilized and corrupted other Latin American countries, and many other countries around the world.

WHEREAS these policies have taken away several hundred billion dollars, the wealth of a generation, from education, health care and families, forever, to no meaningful positive effect,

WHEREAS these policies, in practice, have greatly exacerbated the problems of race relations and demolished much of the progress made by minorities in the last 50 years,

WHEREAS these policies have caused the reduced availability of legal, effective and safe pain medications for millions of seriously ill and terminally ill patients,

WHEREAS these policies have led to the demonization, terrorization, and abandonment of those Americans most in need of help, those who are trapped in a serious problem with drugs.

WHEREAS these policies have not, in eighty years, reduced drug use, drug abuse, drug availability, or the negative effects of these behaviors,

WHEREAS the government of the United States has imposed these destructive policies, by threat and force, on all the States of the United States, on most other countries, and on the United Nations,

WHEREAS the government of the United States and, for the most part, our elected representatives, have repeatedly and stubbornly refused to acknowledge the destructiveness and lack of effectiveness of these policies or to even consider an official examination of these policies, even after being strongly and repeatedly encouraged to do so by many prominent, experienced, and knowledgeable citizens,

WHEREAS it is most probable that continuing and/or expanding these failed policies will lead only to more misery, destruction, and death,

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the members of Veterans for Peace, Inc., that we condemn the arrogant and callous disregard for life and family and children, and the scandalous and indefensible squandering of enormous resources of the people of the United States, all of which permeates these policies and their application.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the members of Veterans for Peace, Inc., that we hereby strongly oppose the efforts by the government of the United States to continue these destructive and cruel policies.