Too far away

By Elizabeth Bloss

Dear Judge,

I should probably start with telling you who I am and why I'm writing. I am writing to let you know how my life has been since my mother was put in prison for eight to ten years. I write in the hope that maybe there is a chance she can come home earlier than expected. My name is Elizabeth Bloss, and I am seventeen years old. My mom has been gone since I was twelve. My mother's name is Cindy Bloss. She is prison in Pekin, Illinois, and I live in Allegan, Michigan. It's not too far away, but not close enough either. With school and work it's almost impossible to get to see her. My mom means the world to me; not only is she my mom, she is also my best friend.

After she went away, I was sent to live with my father. He's not my biological father, but he is the only 'dad' I have ever known. At first I didn't think about what had happened so it couldn't hurt me. From holding it all in, I went through a horrible stage of depression. My dad did not help at all; he wasn't around that often. He wasn't working much, and bills were mounting. I was supporting everyone for about three months. I bought food and anything else we needed to get by. My dad was nice most of the time when he wanted to be. I know he loves me, but didn't show it very well. He sure did have his days, weeks, sometimes-even months where he was not too nice. At first this all bothered me, but after four and a half years of the same things going on, I started to get used to things the way they are.

My stepmother had a job. This job required most of her time, and so I didn't see her much. This also didn't bother me too much. She is an alcoholic, and her mood depended on how much she had to drink. She still was not usually all that nice. She was not even close to a 'mother figure.' I don't think she was even trying. Sometimes she gave me that feeling she didn't want me there in the first place. I tried to give it some time, see if maybe anyone would adjust or change. Nope, no one but me changed, and then just to make them happy. Now don't get me wrong, we had our days when we got along great, but the next day she would hate the world. Even when she was home sometimes, she would spend her time upstairs, away from everyone.

Finally, in January I moved out of my dad's place. I still have not gotten all my clothes or anything because he told me I couldn't. I went to my grandmother's home. Things at my grandma's are a lot better. We have our arguments, but she listens and tries to understand me. She tries to help and wants me happy. I am extremely lucky to have her in my life.

Even having grandma doesn't make me need my mom less. I am still fairly depressed, but I go to a mental health clinic to talk to a counselor. I'm also taking some anti-depressants. I think the talking to the counselor is starting to help. My grandma really helps too. I try to always be a happy person, but it's hard sometimes.

At times when I am alone, just so no one knows how I really feel, I cry for hours. I hide it so I don't bring anyone else down, too. Sometimes I feel like I can hardly handle it though. I miss my mom so much, and I really need her back in my life. She has already missed enough of my life. Please consider my proposal and do what's right. Send my mom home to me soon please; I need her.