Seattle Hempfest - 2001

150,000 attended 10th year anniversary two day event

This year's 2-day Hempfest in Seattle on August 18-19 was attended by at least 150,000 people. Deitra Lied from El Paso joined Diane Fornbacher from Philadelphia, and we 'tabled and talked.' Tyree Callahan came from Bellingham on Sunday; Consuello and Espie from Colville were there; Kevin Black and Gloria serve with the core Hempfest volunteers. All of us shared our own reform experiences with so many citizens of the Northwest - some from various stages, and from our table and display - America's Dirty War.

Congratulations to Vivian McPeak and Dominic Holden who led a group of 1,000 volunteers (that is right-it is not a typo- one thousand volunteers) who put on an amazing two day event. It was a fitting 10th anniversary celebration for 150,000 or so of their closest friends!

Chuck tabling; "Buddy" fascinating visitors

Nora Callahan and Kevin Zeese on the
Peter McWilliams stage

"America's Dirty War" display attracted
a lot of attention

Deitra Lied talking to Lenny

On September 15th, Chuck and Nora attended the 6th Annual Hempfest in Missoula, Montana. Teaching fellow citizens from our table and display, and speaking from the main stage, we connected with people of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks to Rochelle Glasgow and all the Missoula volunteers for a great public event!

All ages - getting educated about the excess and
harm of the war on drugs

"America's Dirty War" display viewed
in Missoula, Montana