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Prison Resources

Cons Helping Cons: is an "online support community for anyone who has left prison, jail, penitentiary, correctional facility, halfway house, or anyone dealing with the aftermath of a criminal past or criminal record."

Massachusetts Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition (SHaRC) - A grassroots organization which opposes all new jail/prison construction and/or expansion. is a "place for families and friends on the outside, created to be an online community that is specifically designed for families and friends of inmates; inmates; themselves and anyone looking for information, news, and support regarding prisons or prison related issues. Also features blogs and forums.

Incarcerated Veterans Information and Resources Page; from FedCURE, Jul 06

Mothers against Arpaio is a group formed by mothers and women whose loved ones have been abused or neglected by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the infamous "Toughest Sheriff in America" of Maricopa County, Arizona.

The Re-Entry Policy Council has a resource, Parole Status: State by State, compiled from The Association of Paroling Authorities International, Parole Board Survey 2002

State by State Corrections Statistics; from The National Institute of Corrections

Prison Talk Online - New periodical covering all aspects of an inmate's life, including ReEntry Assistance.

Prison Legal News - Community and forum for inmates, family, and friends. Prison Talk Online topics include prisoner support, prison activism, sentencing reform, and the criminal justice system.

IF YOU KNOW OF A FEDERAL INMATE SUFFERING MEDICAL NEGELECT: Federal CURE (FedCURE) has BOP executive staff designated as liaisons to handle inmate medical issues. You can contact them at: or go to: for more information.

Understanding Prison Health Care: Fostering competence and compassion in treating prisoners

BOP FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions from The U.S. Bureau of Prisons

History of the Federal Parole System from the US Department of Justice, May 2003. Prepared by Peter B. Hoffman, PhD, Parole Commission consultant. Parole of federal prisoners began after enactment of legislation on June 25, 1910. There were three federal penitentiaries and parole was granted by a parole board at each institution. Read More.

Prison Websites

Federal Bureau of Prisons The Bureau of Prisons maintains a website. They use an interesting web technology that doesn't allow an easily replicated, customary link to webpages of interest. To find information you will have to use their search engine. Common search requests are for visitation rules, what you are allowed to mail, how to file a Freedom of Information Act, rules on medical care, etc. Use the search engine, if it is prison policy, they have a program statement. Use the phrase: Program Statement when you search. A list will come up and you should be able to find what you need.

Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR)

State Prison and Prison Industry sites:

Alabama Alabama Department of Corrections -- Alabama Correctional Industries
Alaska Alaska Department of Corrections -- Alaska Correctional Industries
Arizona Arizona Department of Corrections -- Arizona Correctional Industries
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Corrections -- Arkansas Correctional Industries
California California Department of Corrections
Colorado Colorado Department of Corrections
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Corrections -- Correctional Enterprises of Connecticut
Delaware Delaware Department of Correction
Florida Florida Department of Corrections
Georgia Georgia Department of Corrections
Hawaii HI Corrections Population Management Commission
Idaho Idaho Department of Corrections
Illinois Illinois Department of Corrections
Indiana Indiana Department of Corrections
Iowa Iowa Department of Corrections -- Iowa Prison Industries
Kansas Kansas Department of Corrections
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Corrections -- Kentucky Correctional Industries
Louisiana Louisiana Department Corrections
Maine Maine Department of Corrections
Maryland Maryland Department of Correctional Services
Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Corrections
Michigan Michigan Department of Corrections
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Corrections
Mississippi Mississippi Department of  Corrections
Missouri Missouri Department of Corrections -- Missouri Vocational Enterprises
Montana Montana Department of Corrections
Nebraska Nebraska Correctional Services -- Cornhusker State Industries
Nevada Nevada Department of Corrections -- Silver State Industries
New Hampshire New Hampshire Department of Corrections -- NH Correctional Industries
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Corrections -- DeptCor
New Mexico State of New Mexico Corrections Department -- NM Corrections Industries
New York New York State Department of Correctional Services
North Carolina North Carolina Department of Correction -- Correction Enterprises
North Dakota North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Ohio Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction -- OPI Correctional Industries
Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Corrections -- Oklahoma Correctional Industries
Oregon Oregon Department of Corrections
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Corrections
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Corrections
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Corrections -- South Dakota Pheasantland Industries
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Corrections
Texas Texas Department of Criminal Justice -- Texas Correctional Industries
Utah Utah Department of Corrections
Vermont Vermont Department of Corrections
Virginia Virginia Department of Corrections
Washington Washington Department of Corrections
Washington, DC District of Colombia Department of Corrections
West Virginia West Virginia Division of Corrections
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Corrections

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