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December 1, 2004 - The Free Press (TX)

Peasants Of The Field

By Dean Becker

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Why does the drug war continue? For what reason do we pour a total of $550 billion dollars or more down the rat hole of drug prohibition each year?

Have we stemmed the tide of drugs coming from Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Jamaica and the home grown of the USA? The answer is a resounding NO! Drugs are much more available, purer and cheaper than when President Nixon declared this drug war.

Have we managed to cut down on the violence of the drug war by arresting record numbers of non-violent drug users? Again, the answer is NO! Even though we arrest 1.6 million US citizens every year for drugs, the number of users continues to climb and the violence associated with control of neighborhoods by street gangs continues.

Did we cut back on the number of infectious diseases transmitted by shared needles? In most major cities, to provide clean needles is a crime even though it has been proven to save thousands of lives, save vast resources and serves to build a bridge between the user and available social services, which might lead to rehabilitation.

Common sense has been drowned in the bathtub; the corpse left floating as a warning by the corporate powers that be. Reality has been told to take a hike and the truth has been damned, (we've got war(s) to fight!)

Millions worldwide profit enormously, continuously from the various wars that America wages. It's not just the politicians and their perpetual "contributions leads to legislative payback machine". It's the stockbrokers selling prison builders stock and the piss testers of America, it's the foreign investor in the prisoner made knick knacks and the prison guard unions who sells the prisoner's time for $0.40 and pay the prisoners $0.06.

It's also you and me brothers and sisters, those of us who know the full truth yet do nothing to stop it. Howard Scripps News just reported that 75% of Texans are for medical marijuana in the gulag state of Texas. 3 of every 4 people you meet are for ending this jihad against sick and dying people and yet what has been done? In the last several decades we have been so silent that we are complicit, guilty, knowing and ultimately so ignorant that we should all be arrested.

We own the drug war, there is nobody, from the Drug Czar on down, through the Justice Department, the US Attorney General's office, through the CIA, FBI, DEA, state AG's, cops, sheriffs, judges or district attorneys who can explain the need for or any basis, scientific, moral or otherwise for this drug war to continue.

So what's the deal? Why does it continue? FEAR. I say it, I try to define it, explain it and fully expose it. Only in opening your mind or enough minds to the reality that we truly do own this battlefield, in showing that the opposition must run like rabbits if we take the field, armed with the truth and the courage to make a stand will I have ever made one iota of difference. You are the way, the truth and the light. If you expect John Walters or John Ashcroft to lead the way, you will be in the dark forever my friends.

Willam Colby, former director of the CIA finally saw the light and expressed the situation quite clearly after he left the agency: "Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It's possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government."

We've Been Duped! That's the working title of my book, to be published this next spring. It's what I've been telling you for years, it's obvious, glaring and laughing in our face. Until you pull your head from your posterior and become a full citizen it will never stop. On December 17th, we will celebrate the 90th year of the Harrison Narcotics Act, the official birthday of the drug war. Happy goddamned birthday!

How long do you want to blow out all these frigging candles?

Please contact your US congressmen, toll free at 1-800-839-5276. Tell them to find a better way, let addicts get help from doctors not policemen, let marijuana smokers use their "drug" which is proven to be several times safer than alcohol and when the Afghan opium loses all value after the end of prohibition, we can let Osama freeze in the dark.

Please listen to KPFT, Hous,ton, 90.1 FM and visit

Dean Becker, 281-752-9198 KPFT, Pacifica Radio 419 Lovett Blvd. Houston, Tx. 77006

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