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Alvaro Salgado Caballero

30 years - Drug Conspiracy

I was arrested in international waters, where I worked on a ship as a mariner. The reason for my arrest was the part I played in a drug conspiracy. I have recognized my error. I would like to make clear that it was only through my ignorance and the pressure of hunger and poverty in which I and my wife and children found themselves that would lead me to become involved in such a thing.

It is clear to me that I have never been involved in a violent crime, and that my only objective had been the continuing well-being of my family. I have never made violent crime a way of life; it had only been this one time in which I succumbed to the offers of so-called easy money. Only the circumstances in which I found myself in at the time could ever persuade me to such lowly acts. I make no excuses.

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