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John Calia


I was 45 years old when I was arrested on a drug conspiracy charge. I am now 56. They sentenced me to 33 years for conspiracy. This is more time than I can live to serve. After this sentence they took me back to Kansas City, my hometown, for a grand jury appearance. I didn't know anything, but took the 5th amendment right anyway, on general principles. They gave me immunity to force information I did not have in the first place. My witness was threatened and I was refused bond. I was offered leniency if I would cooperate.

I said that I couldn't very well do what they wanted if I didn't know anything, so is just was not possible. I was told not to worry because they would tell me what to know. This has become standard behavior in many drug cases, but not for me. My reward for not testifying to something that I had no knowledge of was two extra years of prison. This is sad, but heck, I can't do the 33 years, so I guess the extra 2 years must be for spite, or good measure, or ignorance, or something.

I was in Leavenworth, Kansas, a stone's throw from my home. But to be nice, I was moved to El Reno, Oklahoma - 650 miles from home.

About the word 'justice', you will not see too much of that in the federal system.There is no such thing as 'due process' anymore.

John Calia 02560-016
FCI Unit A
PO Box 1500
El Reno, OK 73036-1500

Updated - 3/23/01

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