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David Carpenter

16 and a half years - Conspiracy

First, and foremost, let me thank you for the newspaper that you have been sending me. It lightens my spirit and soul to know that people on the outside are trying to help.

I'm doing 16 1/2 years to life for pot and LSD. The pot sentence, which I'm guilty of, is 18 months. The LSD, I had no knowledge of. It was glued under the carpet of a car I bought in an impound lot in New York. It was the first time in my 42 years of life that I was ever convicted of a crime. I was arrested with 2 friends, one of whom was only 18 years old. The cops told the 18-year-old that if he would say that we knew about the LSD, the cops would let him go. But the 18-year-old would not lie. He is now serving 15 to life.

I had a woman who I love with all of my heart. She gave me a son who is 2 years old now. I haven't seen him since he was 3 months old.

My first wife died in 1993, I had two sons with her, they are 18 and 19. They are doing ok. I love them so much it hurts.

I'm doing more time than a child rapist, murderer, and all around SOB. I have never in my life harmed a soul. I love all people, even the misguided fools who put me in here.

Thanks for all you have been doing. I wish I could send you money for all the good, hard work you are doing for the families in the stupid war on the good people of the USA (aka The War on Drugs.) I just wish with all of my heart that people would know when they are being brainwashed. You are being brainwashed by the government that is supposed to help us. Now we are the same as the people my father fought a war against; the Gestapo.

Capone and others were stopped in America, only to be replaced by what we call police. When will the people of the US learn? Please, help yourselves before it is too late. Your children could be next to be locked up for some stupid politician to be part of the gang in the White House.

People, please, please wake up! My father fought over Communists, taxes, and the right to freedom. Shout, raise hell, do something, before it is too late. You will be in the prison system for loving each other and trying to live in freedom that they already took away.

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