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Tajrick K. Conaway

Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine and Possesion of Marijuana

Sentenced to 24 years, 7 months

Attorneys who are not seasoned to defend federal inmates are more often than not, misleading them -- scaring them into taking pleas when a trial is due, and may result favorably.

The Sentencing Commission should give retroactive relief. Our nation has more prisoners than any other countries in the world, but so quick to say, "Liberty and Justice for all." There is no justice in these harsh sentences.

I took a plea bargain, and was sentenced on charges that weren't in my indictment. I was sentenced before the Apprendi case, before the Blakely and Booker cases, rendering all this extra prison time unconstitutional -- for those that face a judge for sentencing today.

Now I continue to fight, in courts and with this short story, the court of public opinion.

Tajrick Conaway 88743-020
USP Atlanta
PO Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315

Posted 1/11/06

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