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Darrell Cummings


12 1/2 Years

Cocaine Conspiracy

October 5, 1998

I am writing you to express my gratitude toward your work and concern for the injustice that is going on within our Government. I read the 'Mail Call' in your latest newspaper. Some of the letters that were written really touched my heart.

I have now been incarcerated for twenty-five months on this my anniversary (of sorts). I am just now reading your publication for the first time. But after further review of your paper I felt compelled to write a more in-depth summary of my feelings, mainly about my individual case and the circumstances surrounding my arrest. I did in fact play a small role in the crime that was committed. I repented, asking God for forgiveness and His mercy, this to the courts as well. The area that bothered me and my family in the beginning was the one informant got stopped with 27 kilograms of cocaine in Lake Charles, LA.

He immediately started snitching, but he never brought up my name. Then when the Federal authorities came in he still did not bring up my name because he didn't know me. Yet he had in fact seen me on two separate occasions when I was in the company of a woman friend; he also testified against me. He told the authorities that the cocaine was going to my friend.

The conversation was recorded. The informant said that he would send his boy to meet my friend. He called me and asked me to go and meet her because she lived on the outside of town, He did not tell me to pick up any drugs, but to just see what she wanted. Yet in all actuality he knew something was wrong because she didn't come back in town at his usual time.

Now the authorities have a problem; they need to get the drugs to the informant whom they wanted real bad. He had a prior criminal record for murder, cocaine arrests and a charge already pending by the State where he got stopped with one kilo of cocaine, a year earlier. He had not gone to trial on this charge.

The only identification was that I might be driving an Astro van. That was because the only person he could think of and link with in the last couple of weeks was me. The informant also told authorities that he had dealt with me on four separate occasions with drugs surpassing the amount of $50,000.00 but he didn't know my name once again. Would you do that kind of monetary transaction with someone that you did not even know their name? Let alone four times?

To make it short, my friend received 10 years. The informant who was stopped with the drugs in his possession received only 51 months and they said that I played a minor role and I was sentenced to 150 months. Is this a balanced scale? I was the only one with no prior criminal history! I am also sending these letters of recommendation that were written in my behalf of people who knew me and my character, along with a news article that the Judge had put in the paper.

Updated 2/12/04

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