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Clement Greuier


Would someone please explain to me what is really going on here?

Approximately five years ago, a friend asked me to drive a car for him for a one-week trip to the United States of America. Without giving too much thought, I agreed, provided that all expenses were paid for, and also out of my curiosity to visit the U.S.A. from the Canadian frontier.

Ironically enough, three days later I found myself cornered in a conspiracy to distribute 10 kg. of cocaine, which was prepared in Canada by the U.S. Customs. Their agents have the authorization to sell drugs illegally in different countries, anywhere as long as it's outside the U.S.A., in the hopes of arresting and prosecuting the dealers in the U.S.A. What a preoccupation the Americans have for foreign countries!

In their hurry to make an arrest, the representatives of the law realized that they had apprehended merely the intermediary and his driver. That's where the endless nightmare started. There was useless interrogation that I couldn't comprehend, due to my language being only French at that time. After this frustration, I was transferred to an awful prison, and I was put away among the most dangerous and violent people of my first Correctional Institution. Being it was my very first experience, I was greeted in a reception-like ceremony, once they realized that I was a foreigner who spoke a language unknown to them.

The very same greeting committee approached me later, in a serious matter, by asking me to help them in eliminating one of the fellow inmates. I was supposed to hold him for them, so they could stab him with a home-made knife. Although I couldn't speak their language, I managed to express my refusal. The next day, the same people paid me a visit in my cell, to rob me. I also realized that they were after everything else I was wearing.

I was transferred to another prison and another prison, before finally getting to court and before the judge for a bond hearing. I visited three different prisons: Clinton, Troy, and Albany. I realized that I had a small therapy, going from one prison to another. In my short journey to Albany, I was transferred seven times, and that was due to multiple confrontations with different reception committees in different prisons, who quickly realized my defenseless situation. Needless to say, I have visited the medical unit several times.

I was abandoned by my public lawyer, and brainwashed by a prosecutor who was eager for my testimony on his behalf; all my motions were delayed while the prosecution worked an my codefendant for a testimony against me. After numerous negotiations, I pleaded guilty on one count of conspiracy for 10 years , which was the minimum Sentence Guideline in this category, level 32, first-time offender.

Like many other people, I am currently a perfect criminal manufactured by the B.O.P. system, the innocent victim that I was, and will be returned to my own country after being sentenced, and serving my time with no program of personal reform, and with the status of a dangerous criminal. I am not alone -- there are many others. I have discovered that the most dangerous people are serving less time and are being released sooner than they're supposed to be, while we innocent and nonviolent people are being held to serve our sentences fully, 20, 30, 40 years, etc. -- we who are not dangerous to society!

What the hell is going on here?

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