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Danny R. Hill

I just finished reading my first Razor Wire and I had to write to you and ask you to send me a subscription. I will send you $10 next month when I get paid. I want to get my family involved to, and I am sending you a list of their addresses. My family needs to wake up. Please send them a copy and any information about mandatory minimums.

I am incarcerated for 121 months for a violation of 21 U.S.C841 (9) (1). I am a first time nonviolent drug offender. I was sentenced under the U.S.S.G. 2DI.I, base offense level of 32, criminal history category one.

I never had any drug (meth) on me or in my house, car or on any thing I own. The Midwest City Police of the wonderful state of Oklahoma kicked my door down 3 times and never even found a marijuana seed.

The cops said they found drug making materials in my house (Mr. Coffee Filters, Lipton Ice Tea jars, a bicycle pump and some drain opener). Prior to this a snitch named Bill McIntrye of Mustang Oklahoma was arrested for attempting to rape a 16-year-old girl in motel room at Gun Point. He was arrested and they found 1/4 ounce of meth on him and some LSD and other drugs. This snitch said he got the gun and dope from me. At this time I was in a drug rehab in OKC, but this didn't stop the cops from believing the rapist of juvenile girls.

The rapist told the cops he knew where a drug lab was. The raided my house and found nothing. I was not arrested till 2 months later. A 5 gallon bucket of rain water in my backyard was the basis of the arrest, the cops said (state) that the 5 gallon bucket tested positive for meth. At trial when the public pretender asked for a quantification the chemist cop said "poof before we could get a test the 5-gallon bucket evaporated", but yet I was arrested for this 5-gallon bucket.

The snitch told the Oklahoma City Police and Bethany Police he personally gave me 3-5 ounces of meth in June, July or August but could not remember when! The indictments were for September and November of 1995.

I had a co-defendant to, he received 135 months at sentencing.

At trial on the third day I was offered a 60 month lea agreement but the government breached this plea and I received 121 months because an OSBI chemist testified he found a my co-defendants house liquids that tested positive for meth in his garage. He doesn't have a lab report or any documentation to support his claim and it was not mentioned in the PSI or any other document till sentencing, Judge Alley allowed any and all hearsay evidence to be presented. My public pretender never objected to a single thing presented. In fact he told the judge I should get 10 years. This is all documented in my PSI, plea hearing, and sentencing transcripts.

My direct appeal was a joke done by the same public pretender Robert Jackson 3315 N.W. 63rd OKC, OK 73115. He never even brought up the issues of drug quantities.

I am currently working on my 28 U.S.C. 2255 that motion was denied in one line "Danny Ray Hill pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 22555 your motion is denied." Judge Alley of the Western District of Oklahoma. No reason just denied. I have appealed and Judge Alley has my C.O.A. application. I do all my own legal work I don't trust anyone. My family will not help although I have never been in trouble or hurt anyone. I have been divorced, lost all my property, contact with my children which are in college , one has had to drop out because of financing.

I was a drug addict and nothing more. I was in a drug rehab 3 times before I war arrested in 1995. This made no difference to the prosecutor Randy Sengal. I had documented proof of my illness of depression but my public pretendant failed to give these medical documents to the judge till 10 minutes before I was sentenced. Although he had them in his possession for 6 months. I weighed 132 Ibs when I was arrested, now I weigh 180 Ibs. My public pretender failed to supine any medical expert or any expert at sentencing or trail. he was a complete failure. At one point before trial he was screaming at me to sign the plea agreement and put an ink pen in my hand and tried to force me to sign the plea. I refused, he called me every name he could think of. I guess he thought since I was in such bad shape he could take advantage of my illness and just get rid of me.

I am now 44 years of age and I've been down 3 years. I find your paper giving inmates hope for a 2nd chance. We are overcrowded and under funded. I can't believe the things that go on here. Jail credit taken b the ISM office which extends one sentence. It just overwhelms me. Please keep up the good work.

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