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Rudy Howell
# 94431-012

Rudy and his mom

My son, Rudy Howell, is a good young man. He has never been in any kind of trouble before. He was set up by a "snitch" who was paid by the government over $3,000 from our tax dollars. Can you believe that? Money I've worked so hard for the government can take and spend any way the bureaucrats want. This must stop! If my son were a bad person or a troublemaker, it would show.

He studies and reads a lot. He takes courses offered by the local college and completes them. He works to pay for these courses, a very ambition and self-disciplined young man. I am proud that my son just doesn't sit there and waste away. He doesn't belong in prison, however. Murderers and rapists get less time than my son. The government just wants to keep their prisons full.

Justice was not done to my son. The time did not fit the crime. I want to fight, but in our culture run by moneyed interests, one really can't do anything without money. I really hate the government and the police for what they do. They think they can run your life and ruin good people's lives with impunity. There is no justice for all, only for some.

My son was only 23 when they did this to him. He is now 32 years old. He had just passed the state real estate examination and had started to work with Coldwell-Banker realty.

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Rudy Howell
25 Years, Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine

I am 31 years old, single and have never been married. I have been incarcerated for 8 years on a 25-year federal sentence. I was 23 at the time of my arrest with no prior criminal record. Needless to say, I had a difficult time understanding what had transpired. The only way I could come to grips with the situation was to recognize it as a vulgar display of power.

I do thank the November Coalition for publishing the picture and letter (in the Razor Wire newspaper) my mother sent. She has struggled desperately to understand how such an injustice could occur in the best country in the world. After emigrating from the small Caribbean Island of Trinidad at the age of 19, America was the land of milk and honey. A bounty hunter informant set me up in a reverse sting. The government supplied both drugs and chemicals, never finding a lab.

My children were ages two and one when I was arrested. My mother, who has guardianship of my oldest, brought them to see me every weekend for 7 years. I now see them once a month due to the distance of the Taft prison, but I still consider myself fortunate. In spite of us being apart, we have been able to establish and maintain a good relationship. Thank you so much for your help. I wish there were more I could do to help.

Updated - 1/10/01

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