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Stanley Huff

55-years-old; Serving 15 Years for Crack Conspiracy

Today a friend and I sat down and made a list of all the men and women that have been charged or sentenced under federal 'crack' laws. We came up with 48 names, all black. We went back to Oct. '94 and just this one jail.

Not one white has graced these portals with a crack cocaine charge (federal, that is). I'm working on a claim of 'selective prosecution' by the federal government.

The majority of us were charged with violation of Minnesota State Statutes. After about a month, the Feds step in and file federal charges. Creating 'selective prosecution' laws that affect one race over another is so unconstitutional as to reek of the stench that slavery held for so many years. This should be brought to the attention of the people on a national level.

Stanley was released from prison in 2007, and now works with at-risk youth in the Oakland, CA area. His latest book is OBSTACLES (see below).

Contact Stanley at:

You can purchase OBSTACLES from here.

Stanley Huff also has his own place at MySpace, where he promotes his new book, "Obstacles"

Updated 2/22/08

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