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David Hyatt
Life in Prison


I realized that my plight is one that most citizen do not want to talk about, much less become involved with. However, in seeking Justice, I have now taken the opportunity to air my plight on the waves of this wonderful medium call INTERNET and I am hoping that someone, somewhere, or a lot of good citizen, will come to my aid. My name is David Lincoln Hyatt. I was arrested for the first time on a felony offense in New York City at l pm on July 13, 1993 at the age of 43. Offense? a drugs conspiracy, originating in OHIO. After leaving the United States Army on April 15~1972 having served honorable during the Viet Nam war era. I attended college for several years majoring in electrical engineering.I worked for the U.S. Postal service during my Collage days, worked for the NEW YORK TRANSIT AUTHORITY under the C.E.T.A. program for Viet Nam Veterans, and worked for the State of New York for five years without any lateness, sick leave or bad reports. I left the job with the State of New York, to form my own Record label called TAVDASH RECORDS And recording studio called DAVIA STUDIO, in Miami, F1.

Without going into all the ins and outs of what it takes to make owing a Record Company and Studio a profitable undertaking, I found it necessary to travel to several States to take a personel look at the various talent I was told about. My Studio manager Peter McBean who had been recently fired for collecting a large amount of money, for the Recording Studio and not turning it over to the company, had directed me to Akron, Ohio to meet with a few Rap Artist, which was one of the ways made available for him to repay the money taken from the Studio. In fact, such flight, became common place to the point of a routine... once a artist got my attention, I would hop on a flight and go to wherever he/she or they were. It always worked out good that way and I never once had a problem.

On arriving in Akron Ohio, in early 1991, I was introduced to a few Rap Group. I got interested in tow of the many group that was brought to my attention namely Bro Lay Low and Trickey D. After listening to them, I was very impressed and immediately arranged for them to start recording at a local Studio called Prime Time.

I was not at all familiar with Akron, Ohio, so I was given a driver who was a friend of one of the Rap Artist, to take me to and from the Hotel and Studio. I then started contract talks with their lawyer and my lawyer; I was also introduced to many others who had expressed interest in the music business. As I stated earlier, I was arrested on July 13, 1993, that day was a big surprise and nightmare to me, where the government claimed that my former Studio manager was in a drugs operation in Akron, Ohio and that I was the BOSS-of the drugs operation. I can't imagine anything more preposterous.

After my arrest, the government searched my home, Recording Studio and Office in Miami, F1, and my apartment: and office in New York City. The searches, carried out with minute thoroughness by the F.B.I. the most sophisticated and efficient law enforcement in the world, did they find anything that would have proved drugs dealing? No, and why? The answer is very simple: because I was not involved in any manner with drugs. I proceeded to trial to have my day in court but I was in for a rude awakening. The government paraded in court an array of convicted felons, many of them thieve-s and admitted drugs dealers, and in exchange for their testimony against me, they were given promises of 'no time' or the least amount of time possible.

The F.B.I., who had claimed that they had information on me, were unable to obtained, via wire tap, damaging information, nor were able to make a 'controlled buy' as is the normal operating procedure in drugs cases, so they proceeded in trial to coerce their witnesses into framing me, some of them who had never met or seen me before. If you need a pair of shoes, do you cut the feet to fit the shoes, or do you cut the shoes to fit the feet? U.S. Congressman Alcee Hasting, D. fl., a former United States Federal Judge, once stated while at a panel discussion, on "Harassment of Black Leaders" in Indianapolis, Indiana, November 1991 at the Black Lawyers Conference, that "THE F.B.I. WILL LIE, STEAL, CHEAT AND DO ANYTHING after criminal investigation of Black Leaders to get indictments and conviction", and that holds true here. NOTE: "Not in America courtroom", you would say.

Well, please read Pittsburgh Post Gazette story "WIN AT ALL COST", written by Bill Mousher at Or perhaps you might have seen "SNITCH" aired by P.B.S. Television Front Line, produced by Ofra Bikel, a copy can be had by writing to P.B.S. Video, P.O. Box 791, Alexandria, Va. 22313-0791 or call 1-800-328-7271.

I was convicted and sentence to a term of life, without the possibility of parole. In other words, I can leave prison only when I am "deceased" dead and gone. Mind you, I received this "death'.' sentence despite the fact that they were no factual nor tangible evidence presented by the government, the government even stated that this was a victim less crime at with only witnesses who had given conflicting stories, changing them as need arises, JUSTICE SUOULD BE MADE OF TRUER STUFF.

This country has boasted of having the best law enforcement organization in the world, the F.B.I., and having the cleanest Justice system. Well during my trial, I couldn't see any traces of where "best" and "cleanest" existed. I repeat, there were no drugs, drugs money or drugs paraphernalia found at the many searches conducted by the F.B.I.. My past background in law enforcement and the Military-had given me the opportunity to be good with weapons,: as a matter of fact, I was certify in the U.S. Army as an Armorer, so I had weapons at my home in Coral Gables, Florida to protect my family and property. These weapons were seized and used by the government at trial to influence the jury, tainting their mind against me.

Mind you, I was not charged with having the weapons, and why? Because the government knew that I had owned the weapons legally. So they went on to lie to the jury by stating that the weapons were there to protect the drugs in Akron, Ohio, which is well over 1500 miles from my home in Florida, is this JUSTICE. Knowing full well that weapons in Florida cannot protect anything some 1500 miles away. One thing for sure is I am no quitter and because of the continued effort in SEEKING JUSTICE along with the help of Professor Roger Green of Florida, we have uncovered very sensitive - information that could free me.

The government in making sure, I would not be able to help myself with competent legal service, not to mention leaving, financial help for my kids, Davin, Tasha, Tecia, Maxvon, Ian and Davia, have seized everything I worked so hard for since leaving the United States Army with an honorable discharge. I can be reached at

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