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Drug Conspiracy

We are this country's prisoners of the Drug War. Are we Kingpins or hardened criminals? Not hardly.

While scores of individuals on the peripheral edges of a crime go to prison for conspiracy, our laws allow criminal informants to receive large sums of money for their dastardly deeds and lying testimonies (not to mention the fact that they stay out of prison). The most culpable go free in exchange for anyone.

Do you know a drug addict? Perhaps someone you love? You are guilty of conspiracy. Do you know someone with an ingenious plan to avoid paying taxes on a particular investment? You're guilty of conspiracy. Did you unwittingly sell an automobile for cash to someone in the drug business? You're guilty of conspiracy. Did you offer a ride home to a friend who had a little cocaine on his person? Should you get stopped for speeding and your friend's possession becomes known, you are guilty of constructive possession and conspiracy!

Does your son have any 'measurable amount" of cocaine in your home? You're guilty of conspiring with the intent to distribute! By the way, do you legally own a firearm? Well, once an agent finds your son's drugs, you are now guilty of possessing a firearm to be used in the commission of a drug offense because you are, after all, guilty of conspiring with the intent to distribute.

You will be besieged by heartless reporters lusting after a scandalous story. In the system, you will be further stripped of your dignity and your clothes. In your nakedness, you will be ordered, by jail guards, to bend over and spread, and squat and cough; you will be chained and shackled and dragged along. This routine will be repeated over and over. . .

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