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Moscow Hemp
Activists Arrested,
Charged & Jailed

May 7, 2007 - Moscow Times (Russia)

4 Charged For Marijuana March

Moscow police broke up a march calling for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes on Saturday, charging four people with promoting the use of an illegal drug.

One participant remained in custody Sunday, while the others, three young women, were ordered by the Presnensky District Court to pay a fine of 4,500 rubles each, Ekho Moskvy radio reported.

Dozens of people turned up for the so-called Hemp March on the Arbat, Lubyansky Proyezd and around the All-Russian Exhibition Center, and about 40 of them were detained by police, Ekho Moskvy said.

Police also prevented Hemp Marches in several other cities across the country Saturday, Interior Ministry spokesman Valery Gribakin said. "Law enforcement agencies believe that these events directly propagandize drugs," Gribakin said, Interfax reported.

"Hemp is an illegal drug in Russia," he added.

A Hemp March took place in Kiev without any police interference Saturday.

The Federal Drug Control Service warned marchers to stay at home ahead of the planned rallies.

"I don't think that the organizers of this march are law-abiding citizens," Vladimir Zubrin, deputy head of the service, said Thursday, Interfax reported.

A person convicted of promoting drug use can be fined up to 35,000 rubles.

(A message from Eugene Kazachenko, MAPInc's correspondent in Moscow)

Dear sisters and brothers!

Thank you for your assistance and attention to Russian problems with human rights.

Below there is new information about events with cruel breaking up of Marijuana march in Moscow: All cannabis activists were unlawfully sentenced by Moscow district court!

As I earlier informed all arrested cannabis activists were delivered at The Presnentsky administrative district court of Moscow City. Not only participants of Marijuana march were accused but also other people who were sympathized them. The Judge has worked during the whole night without the rest. She has hypocritically convicted demonstrators according to The Russian Administrative law for the propaganda of drugs (8230;and bla-bla-bla). No one of counsels for the defense was allow in the process. Finally some of activists were sentenced for 15 days of arrest. Other ones were nominated money fine. On juridical commentary all accusations are unlawfully. There are not simply disproportionate sentences, but sentences absolutely fixed by lawlessness.

Here is that Ivan Ninenko who is the protector of activists has told:

I just returned from the court versus delayed on the March for Legalize MJ and people who sympathized them near police department named "ARBAT". They all were accused according articles 19.3 (non-obedience to legal requirements of employees to militias), 6.13 (propaganda of narcotics) and 20.2 (overset of undertaking of meeting, demonstration and picketing). The judge listened the case during the whole night from 9 P.M. to 9 A.M. Total: Three girls -- a fine on 4500 rubles. Sergey Konstantinov -- 15 days of arrest and the fine on 3500 rubles. To every another 6 lads (list later) - 10 day of arrest and the fine on 3500 rubles. Now I'm going to sleep because I'm very tired. Such unlawfulness that I never saw!

Brothers and sisters, friends, this is never mind what kind of the march is this and as you are to take to it. More so, some guys were delayed not on the march, but beside a police department "Arbat". BUT it is IMPORTANT to spread this information over the World into the name of God and for liberties of people and human right. Please, put this letter and other links on your LJ blogs, the forum conferences, or WebPages. All people must hear ABOUT THESE UNDOUBTEDLY ILLEGAL actions of Moscow militias. We all hope that they will carry responsibility for this!

You may organize:

1. The action of solidarity beside Russian embassies, consulates and representations with requirements to free cannabis activists. Moreover it is very important on Action to raise a voice not for the hemp, but against cops bestialities. In the insulator there are people without defense counsels

2. To call Phones and faxes of Russia embassies. See below Richard Lake advice:

In the United States there is a Russian Consulate in Washington, D.C., New York, Houston, Seattle and San Francisco. Please see for address and phone numbers: The location and contact information for Russian embassy and consulate offices worldwide may be accessed from this page:

3. To call Phones and faxes of Russia in Moscow straight:

+7 495 684-42-36 - an insulator, where keeping imprisoned people now. Presently the most important, so that defense counsels can come to the delayed activists in the insulator. Also they need Public prosecutor (or attorneys), because there are repressions. Sergey Konstantinov who was sentenced for 15 days arrest is keeping hunger strike.

+ 7 495 2009305; 2008510; 2008924; Fax: 9732041. This numbers are telephones of Head service of investigation of Moscow, Petrovka street, 38. It is necessary to call them and talk about cops bestialities in police department and that sentenced activists are requiring defense counsels, which do not allow.

You may surf on Marijuana march organizers Website

You can read last reporting on ;;; (Unfortunately only in Russian. But there are many photos.)

You also can write to me or call in my mobile telephone 8 916 980 8590, or meet in ICQ # 291099002 as well as to protector Ivan Ninenko; mob: 8-926-568-4583; icq 299200108

God bless you and bless us all,

Eugene Kazachenko

Posted 5/9/07

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