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Santiago Planas

Sentenced to life for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute crack cocaine

My name is Santiago Planas. I was arrested on February 5, 1992 based on information from an informant. I was convicted of possession of 2.5 kilos of crack and was called a "major distributor of crack cocaine in the area," which was not true. I was given a life sentence for a minor crime. My sentence was supposed to "serve as a deterrent to the conduct of others," but locking up low-level drug dealers does nothing to deter the real "supervisors" or drug kingpins, who often do less time.

I give my thanks to all those who are working for the prisoners and our families. I also want to especially thank the November Coalition for opening the minds of people and informing them of the true significance in the war against drugs. This is a war that the U.S. Government is conducting against communities and destroying families, separating parent from their children and separating spouses. I have a 10-year-old daughter who needs her father.

Because of my arrest and incarceration, I am now divorced and my ability to be a parent has almost been eliminated. This war on drugs is filling federal prisons with first-time, non-violent prisoners who may get a sentence of 20, 30 years and in my case, life. The November Coalition is giving me hope that one day, through changes in the law, I may get to be with my daughter outside of these prison walls.


Ms. Nora Callahan & staff:

Greetings to you all. I just had to write you to let you know the good news so that we can all share my joy. I have been down now 17 years on a life sentence. I just received in the mail that a motion I filed have been granted. My sentence now is 27 years thanks to the new law of crack. I know you all have been working hard to get true justice for many. Thank you for all the encouragement and hard work. If you would like to have a copy of the motion I filed for your magazine let me know. Now I have a chance to be with my family. Many others will too.

Also let Rachel Morton I greatly appreciate her very much for steady encouragement through it all. She kept telling me not to give up hope. Also my celly would like to know are there any new laws comning out to help people with guns cases?
To all of you God Bless You.

Santiago Planas 02817-017
FCI Marianna
PO Box 7007
Marianna, FL 32447-7007

Thank you for your support and make my hope life always.

Updated 4/3/08

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