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Nancy Simmons


Nancy with her son, Jason

10 Years - Cocaine Conspiracy

I am serving this 10 year sentence in a minimum security prison. They call it a prison camp. I am such a danger to society that I am in a prison that has no fences, no bars, no prison cells. There are only one or two officers on the compound that are watching (baby-sitting) us. Some 300 to 325 women are here.

Every day when my children are spread apart from each other, someone is preparing their daily meal at dinner time. About 400 miles away, their mother is sitting on a bunk bed, listening to music, crocheting, reading, writing a letter, or just relaxing . . . something is terribly wrong with this picture. There are other alternatives to this situation, solutions that would benefit the welfare of the children.

Nancy is also featured in the book SHATTERED LIVES: PORTRAITS FROM AMERICA'S DRUG WAR, from Human Rights 95.

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