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Anthony Toner


12 1/2 Years - Marijuana Conspiracy

I was charged with a marijuana conspiracy which included my wife and father. If I went to trial and lost, I was looking at 30 years in federal prison. Prosecutors promised my wife that she would get only 6 months in confinement if she gave information on someone, anyone - but not information on me or my father. She declined their bribe, not wanting to destroy another family with a lie and then received 41 months in federal prison.

My dad was never involved in the conspiracy and, properly, took his case to trial. On the third day of the trial the government knew their case wasn't holding up. Prosecutors then produced an informant who testified under oath that my dad received a thousand pounds of marijuana from him, put it in a motorhome and proceeded to transport it from Arizona to Minnesota. US attorneys told my father that if he didn't stop the trial and plead guilty, they would have his daughter indicted that very afternoon on second-hand hearsay testimony.

My father would not have his daughter sent to prison. Being the good man that he is, and he believing by then that the government has the money and power to make anything happen, plead guilty to a crime he never committed.

I was guilty of this crime. I used hermetically sealed boxes sent via Federal Express. A thousand pounds of marijuana transported in a motorhome never happened. My father is innocent, but they gave him 33 months in Federal prison.

I was sentenced to 12 1/2 years. Wake up America! Our Constitution is being washed away, adulterated, never to return. One further note: I am proud that none of my family cooperated with these courtroom tyrants.

Anthony Toner #07339-041
PO Box 1000
Oxford, WI 53952

Updated - 3/29/01

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