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Scott E. Braddon-Walker

I am a family man in my late fifties, tarnished by the government's conspiracy to draw the people of America into its web of slavery. If they can't turn you into an informant (snitch), they set you up for such a fall that the remainder of your life is spent behind bars and fencing of some sort. Many become informants to get their sentence reduced, and sometimes that doesn't happen.

In my case I was set up by the government to bring two ounces of methamphetamine to Arkansas - to an informant the DEA had made a deal with. I flew from California to Arkansas on a government funded airline ticket and was arrested the moment I stepped off the plane. I had never been to Arkansas before but the government claimed I was a multi-pound dealer and was setting up a new base of operation.

My property in Long Beach, California was searched and although there were no drugs found - not an iota - they seized my property, my business papers and all my possessions.

I was a photojournalist and my all my camera equipment was seized in Arkansas. I was beaten at the time of my arrest and tortured in a county jail. I have never been in the business of selling drugs and only experimented with them in the mid-'60s after I graduated U.C. Berkeley in 1964. Though I know many people who have a personal stash, I was brought up not to be a "tattle tale." I do admit there is a drug problem in America, so perhaps the government should look in their own back yard and stop persecuting the American people.

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