Charles Bennett — 09560-040

Found Guilty, But Not Proven Guilty
Sentenced to 15 years in federal prison

My name is Charles Bennett. I have been indicted and found guilty, but not been proven guilty, of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute cocaine base and marijuana. The FBI stated they were called to Benton Harbor, Michigan to target my cousins and myself. T
hey stated that I was selling drugs from my store as well as my home. The morning of our arrest, an article was placed in the local newspaper stating 2.2 pounds of cocaine had been seized in the local area. I do not know whom or where these drugs were seized, nor was this evidence of drugs presented at my trial. I believe it was just one of the governments tricks to fool the public. I would like to pose the question that if these drugs existed, wouldn't they have been presented at my trial as evidence?

The government got five inmates to testify against me so they'd get lighter sentences. These five inmates testified that they would come to my store, or home to purchase drugs from me. If I was selling drugs from my store and home from 1995-1999, in a neighborhood where five and dime dealers were getting busted on the street corner, why wasn't a confidential informant or undercover police officer sent to make a purchase? Then they would've had drugs, marked money, audiotapes, videotapes, phone conversations -- something to bring against me at trial.

After four searches, two at my store and two at my home, (conducted by the FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshall and City Police Officers) they found no crack-cocaine. They did find a small mount of marijuana, and some money in my home; both were confiscated

I hadn't been in trouble before and thought a fair trial still existed. Boy, was I wrong! I was taken to trial twice. My cousin and I were tried first, and an all white jury could not come to a verdict. The Judge called a mistrial.

The government re-indicted me, and I went to trial again, lost and received 180 months.

I have always taken care of my family, but now I left behind my son and daughter for others to take care of.

I'd like to see government witnesses undergo a lie detector test. This would stop all this lying to get a shorter sentence.

Charles Bennett 09560-040
FPC Florence
PO Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226-5000

Posted 09/15/05