Beverly Jean Barnett -- #03916-043

20 Years -- Methamphetamine Conspiracy

Beverly Barnett, prisoner of the drug war
Where do I begin to tell this nightmare? Do I tell you of the unlawful search and seizures? Or start by telling readers that Judge Sheppard never signed the search warrant until two days after my arrest? That same judge chastised the DEA agent, Maury Schua for doing so and told the agent not to do it again. The agent then replied, "I had a good snitch.There were no drugs or paraphernalia found in my residence.

Several weeks went by and when I went to my pre-trial arraignment the state chose not to prosecute for lack of evidence. It was at this time the Feds picked up the case, and then came the indictment for Conspiracy.

One year later I was indicted for Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute Meth. I had no idea that this would take 20 years of my life and that the courts would be so unfair as to take the word of convicted felons, each with lengthy prior histories for numerous convictions and all dealing for shorter sentences.

My conviction was the result of an inexperienced attorney who had never had a federal drug case, heard a case before a jury, nor had any experience in the courtroom dealing with this type of federal charge. The co-defendants all bargained for and got Rule 35's, and dealt with lesser sentences for the sentence that hung over my head of 20 years to life.

At the time of my sentencing I had an infant daughter of 3 months old whom I have not seen for the entire time of my incarceration. My daughter wonders why I cannot come home to her. How do I tell her that when she is 18, I will be there?

Beverly Barnett, prisoner of the drug war
If one takes the time to look at the statue of Lady Justice, you cannot help but to see that she is blind to justice, the scales she holds in her right hand are tipped and the sword she wields in her left hand is pointed downward as if to imply the fight is useless. I have often wondered why the blindfold across the eyes of the statue of Lady Justice was there. Now I know.

I have but one question to those that make the Conspiracy Laws. Of all the wars that have been fought over this law, why is it used to incarcerate so many persons in the United States?

The fact remains that I am still incarcerated long after everyone else has gone. I wonder, do they ever think of me, and what they did to my baby and I?

The justice system remains "All against One and One against All".