Mike Beeman -- #964084

10 Years -- Marijuana Conspiracy

Mike Beeman, prisoner of the drug war
I am currently serving a 10-year sentence for two counts of possession, one count of possession with intent to deal and one count of conspiracy to deal. I started dealing pot when I was young. My father left me and my mother when I was two. I had a very hard, poor, lonely life. The only way to make a decent buck was to sell dope. Now I am a 21-year-old father of three and another divorce statistic.

Since I have been incarcerated in the Indiana Department of Corrections, I have also had 5 years added onto my sentence for minor possession of marijuana. Dealing with a divorce and not seeing my children -- I was just trying to get a break from the real world for an hour or two by smoking.

I am only 90 miles away from my family but my mother has no transportation and my ex-wife has no reason - she has gone on with her life. The last time I saw my children was seven months ago, when this picture was taken. I have seen none of them since. My first daughter, Tyler, I have not seen since my incarceration began. Her mother won't give me her address so that I can write.

I do not know how you got my address and name, but I love your newspaper. It gave a young man like myself hope. That is something I've had little of lately.

Like many POWDs, I have lost everything and everyone.