Huey Bey -- #50387-019

10 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Huey Bey, prisoner of the drug war
I faced a life sentence and a $4,000,000 fine for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine, based solely on the word of some people who were caught with drugs. They "fingered" me to get a shorter sentence. It's a no-win situation that is very unjust, and it's my first felony. I felt compelled to plead guilty and received a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Most people are not aware of the conspiracy laws and how easy it is to be convicted. It's time for the concerned American people to question our Congress and media about the long, harsh sentences given to many decent, hard-working family-oriented citizens.

Anyone can easily be involved in a conspiracy without the knowledge of what events took place. He says, she said, he believed, we think, I suspect or anything that someone might reasonably doubt can lead to long, grief-filled, sorrowful family breakups.

Anyone who attends some house of worship should question their religious leaders about criminal justice.

I'm sure that a loving God could never support these long, harsh sentences. If God forgives, why can't we? Introduce your religious leader to the November Coalition and give him a Razor Wire newspaper.