Leroy Bouzek -- #13080

5 Years -- LSD Conspiracy

At the time of my arrest, I was living in my van, following the Grateful Dead Shows.

I was pulled over for not having a light on my license plate. I was asked to step out of my van, the officer handcuffed me and put me in his care for "his safety". He searched the van without my consent, came back to the patrol car and read me my rights. My van was seized and I have been sent to prison.

I no longer have anything to my name but the clothes I was arrested in. I believe that I was a target because I have long hair.

There are people like me in prisons all over the country. We don't hurt people or carry guns, we are not rapists or child molesters. We live peacefully. We may dress a little different, or come from different places, so the laws say, "Lock them up."

When I get out of prison, I will start fresh and peacefully advance.