Craig Bruins -- #C-92091

25 Years to Life -- Drug Possession

Craig Bruins, prisoner of the drug war
I am currently serving a 25-year-to-life sentence under California's "three strikes" law. I have only seen my sons twice in the past three years when my parents brought them. The casualties of war include the children -- as my own two sons have become.

I have several friends here who are also serving 25 to life sentences for petty crimes such as simple possession.

There are people who could clear me, but so many are afraid of reprisals if they were to speak out. Citizens are routinely bought and sold -- using money allotted by the Government for the War on Drugs. So many Constitutional violations, and yet, people are afraid to speak out in fear of being "railroaded."

This great great nation of ours is being turned into a police state -- and its citizens are at the mercy of law enforcement, drunk on power that really is not theirs to wield -- especially when they violate and destroy the very laws they are sworn to uphold and defend.