G. Patrick Callahan -- #01628-196

27 1/2 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

G. Patrick Callahan, prisoner of the drug war
This is my brother, Gary. He is writing his own version for the Internet, but for now ... In 1988, Gary was arrested for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. He was convicted and sentenced under federal mandatory sentencing laws to 27 1/2 years in prison. The jury convicted him on the testimony of a Phoenix, Arizona dentist and a border patrolman who formerly resided in Bisbee, Arizona.

The only physical evidence produced at trial was a duffel bag that was found in a storage locker of another co-defendant; a duffel bag the jury was led to believe contained cocaine residue, but in fact had been tested by the FBI and proven to be baking soda.

The dentist was arrested with about 80 pounds of cocaine in his possession. The border patrolman was arrested and charged with witness tampering. Both men agreed to plea bargain in exchange for their testimony. For that they received no time in prison -- the only co-defendant in the case served 8 months.

The dentist is a dentist again; the former border patrolman was given a job guarding women at the Pee Wee Valley Correctional facility -- Gary got 27 1/2 years in prison without any possibility of parole.

G. Patrick Callahan with his mother and sisters
Gary has three sons, who have not seen him in over four years. He was married at the time of his arrest, but divorce followed, as in most cases. He is in a federal prison about 2,000 miles from any family members.

Gary, along with his sister Nora Callahan, are co-founders of the November Coalition.

(Pictured: Gary with his mother and sisters. Gary's mother, Bea Callahan, passed away in 2008, with her only son still in prison.