George Caputo -- #04391-424

14 Years -- Marijuana Conspiracy

The summer of 1991, I was 44 years old. I resided with my parents and my teenaged son. My son and I were watching a ballgame on TV, when the doorbell interrupted my life.

My trial was a rehearsed conspiracy, consisting of the prosecutor, my court appointed attorney, and the government's only witness, my one time "friend." I had four witnesses, including the kingpin. My attorney claimed she could not call them to testify; which at sentencing I learned was a lie.

My appeals so far have been a cruel joke. I appeal A, B, and C; but am denied on X, Y, and Z. They must be reading someone else's brief. Someone needs to read my 2255, which is now pending. It includes original trial transcripts that prove a relative of my ex-friend is the guilty party. Yet this man was never arrested, or even questioned. I have numerous sworn affidavits to his guilt, and my innocence.

It does me no good. Justice has gone awry.

14 years for marijuana I had no knowledge of.