Kurt Cargle Sr. -- #05971-424

14 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Kurt Cargle, prisoner of the drug war
I am 33 years old and have a wife and two children, Ajani (3) and Kurt (14).

I am serving a fourteen year prison sentence for conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. I am a nonviolent drug offender currently confined in federal prison, approximately two hundred miles from my wife and children.

I am able to receive visits three to four times a year. During the winter months the roads are too rough to travel, so the majority of visits take place in the summer. I have watched my kids grow up in the visiting room. In the visiting room we have walked together, talked together, slept together and cried together.

My father is seventy years old, he refuses to visit me. He is was always the closest person in my life, however due to my present incarceration I have not seen him -- it's been three years now. My dad says, "It is too stressful and emotional to visit you in prison."

I am often saddened when I come to the realization that my father may not live long enough to see me reintegrate into our society in the year 2005.