David Ciglar -- #86555-011

Marijuana Conspiracy

David Ciglar, prisoner of the drug war
Before his arrest, David was being trained in a new career as an MRI technician. He had been injured on the job as a fireman/paramedic as he was carrying a woman from a building. He has been credited with saving over 100 lives.

Based on a tip to the DEA, he was caught with a plastic tray of 167 small marijuana seedlings growing in his garage.

Under threat of his wife being sent to prison and his children to foster homes, he pleaded guilty.

He home was seized by the government.

"My family is devastated. My wife is living everyday wondering if she can make it financially and mentally.

"My kids don't know why their dad was taken away for such a long, long time. My youngest was just 2 months old when I was sent to prison.

"It will be proven in the near future that this is a miracle plant and the federal government has destroyed my life over it."