Robert D. Davidson -- #58150-065

22 Years -- Methamphetamine Conspiracy

Robert Davidson, prisoner of the drug war

Dear America,

What you're about to read might seem unbelievable, but they are facts from the everyday newspapers of America (USA TODAY). The time, dates, and events are true and can all be verified by the newspapers and the government. Our forefathers would be ashamed of the War the government has declared on its citizens. Our forefathers would be at War alright, not over drugs, but over the government that is turning on its own people. When the government is so blind to facts that they can put drugs in the same category as treason, then America has more problems than anyone could ever imagine.

On June 24, 1997, in the USA TODAY newspaper, Section A page 5, "EX-FBI Agent Gets 27 Years For Spying." His name is Earl Pitts and he received less time for espionage against America than he would have if he had been selling drugs from Moscow in America, and the shameful prosecutors had only requested 24 years for this crime against every man, woman and child in this country. He received more than $224000 from Moscow for U.S. secrets. But let's not stop there. Earlier that month, CIA Agent Harold Nicholson was sentenced to 23 years for spying for Moscow. His excuse was to give his children a better life and education with the $300,000 dollars he made from spying. But nowhere did I read of any forfeiture of any of his assets. Had there been any drugs involved, surely the DEA would have seized all of their assets, and wouldn't give a damn about their children.

That is what most all of us want: a better life for our children. You must take into account also that both men where facing multiple charges of treason but a plea bargain spared them. CIA Agent Harold Nicholson became an informant for the government, which means that he is still working for the U.S. government in an unofficial capacity. How the U.S. government can trust a man that has already betrayed his country by treason is beyond my comprehension.

Something is very wrong in America. Then we come to an article in USA TODAY dated December 11, 1997 Section A page 5, "Nichols' Lawyers: Drugs Discredit Fortier". Here we have the governments top prosecutor Patrick Ryan trying Terry Nichols for the worst terrorist act on American soil, he states that "out of an estimated 4 million users of methamphetamine nationwide, only 10 - 20 percent suffer serious problems. How can a drug that effects only 10 - 20 percent of it's users be in the same sentencing category as Treason against America. If the drug were legal those percentages would become' drastically lower. If only the untold millions of alcoholics had a 10 - 20 percent problem with alcohol, what a feat that would be!

Either there is a serious epidemic of drug abuse as the government proclaims or it only affects the small percentages they claimed (10 - 20%) in this instance. This is extremely contradictory to the government's prosecution of drug trials. These are the same prosecutors that say it's 0K to let people like Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravanno, do 5 years for an admitted 10 murders, in exchange to become a federal informant. The judge stated he was a hero and instead of the 20 year plea agreement, the judge only gave him 5 years for his betrayal.

Here the government locks up non-violent drug offenders for 10 to 40 years with no hope in sight and puts "Sammy the Bull" on the streets with no forfeiture of the millions of dollars of his assets and now he is protected by the government at taxpayer expense in the Federal Witness Protection Program. He can even collect the $250,000 for the book deal "Underboss". The Federal Guidelines were designed to do away with disparity in sentencing. It is apparent that the goals of these guidelines have not been met; when they are sentencing a crime of treason and crimes of murder below the established guideline of a non-violent drug crime. So yes, as a prisoner of the War, I'm mad as hell at a government who will have a blind eye when it comes to their own people and their informants, and do their best to destroy the families of the ordinary citizens of America, who refuse to betray other Americans.

Robert Davidson's children
My name is Robert Davidson, I'm 38 years of age serving a 22 year sentence for the manufacturing of methamphetamine, non-violent, no-dope case. I have a surviving wife and three children: two daughters Krystin and Shelby, ages 9 and 5, and a son Jerome age 7.

They are the real victims of this war, not I. They are the true survivors for they no longer have me to provide for them. My children, like so many other children that are victims of this war, find it hard to believe that their parents have been taken away from them, when they know in their hearts that their parents are not bad people, and the government takes it one step further by separating families thousands of miles apart because of a program for informants to stay closer to their families. It's sad to think that betrayal is awarded by a government so opposed to betrayal themselves. Where does betrayal end? Beware of your neighbor, for if all else fails, you might just be the next plea bargain.