Jose Del Toro -- #06079-112

Life in Prison -- Methamphetamine Conspiracy

Jose Del Toro, prisoner of the drug war
Jose Deltoro is a 32-year-old auto mechanic who had worked at the same Los Angeles body shop for fourteen years. Jose has a wife and three children, and had paid his taxes every year.

Jose never missed a day of work until he was arrested by federal agents and taken to Omaha, Nebraska, to stand trial for federal drug charges.

The feds claimed Jose was involved in a conspiracy to sell 80 to 90 pounds of methamphetamine in Los Angeles which was then sold in Omaha.

Jose did not know the three Omaha felons testifying against him for reduced sentences. The other Los Angeles defendant was a customer of the body shop and Jose had worked on his car. That customer claimed Jose was his source of the methamphetamine, and testified for the government for a reduced sentence.

Jose had no past criminal history whatsoever, yet he received a life sentence without possibility of parole. Jose is a gentle and soft spoken person with no history of violence or drug use.