Cynthia Dickerson -- #52210-080

9 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Cynthia Dickerson, prisoner of the drug war
First-time nonviolent drug law violator. Sentenced to 9 years, 1 month and 1 day.

December 2, 1997

I went to church last Sunday here at FCI Dublin. The Chaplain was giving a sermon on crime and corruption. He quoted an article out of a San Francisco area newspaper. "Within one year of a DEA agent's first day at the agency, if they aren't corrupt by then, they transfer or quit because of peer pressure."

If everybody is aware of this sort of thing happening, why is it allowed to continue? I just don't understand!

I sit here and realize that by the time I get out, my parents could be gone, I'll be to old to have children and will have a hard time starting over at that age. Our government is paying the DEA., FBI etc. to do exactly what they put me in here for.

I am here for what is called, "a reverse sting." I was repeatedly called by a friend/informant who was busted by the F.B.I. When I wouldn't respond to them, my friend/informant brought them to my house along with 3 kilos of cocaine. They wanted to trade for pot, they said. I couldn't do it, so they busted me for their 3 kilos of cocaine.

They took my Bronco and tried to take my home. Read Michael Levine's book, The Big White Lie -- it explains it all. The Big Guy walks by snitching on everyone he/she knows. It is the "trickle down effect." The little guy goes to prison. Go figure.