George Farley -- #21626-001

Methamphetamine Conspiracy

I am 48 years old. I have never been arrested before in my life.

I drove a tractor-trailer for 24 years. I used methamphetamine but I never sold it.

I am in prison because three people from Atmore, Alabama got caught selling meth and turned in 22 people. I was accused of selling one kilo of meth to these people for $5,380.

This would be about $38,000 worth of meth (the 8th Circuit which considers $18,000 per pound to be the going price; a kilogram is approximately 2.2 lbs.).

So I was either stupid or these people lied to receive a reduction in sentencing, which I can prove to be true. I was even offered by the prosecution in Mobile, Alabama a reduction if I lied under oath to help prosecute someone else.

I used the public defender's office and my attorney was useless. All evidence I used to prove my innocence was lost, or not accepted by the attorney or the prosecutor.