David Gammons -- #27472-044

14 Years -- Methamphetamine Conspiracy

I am writing on the behalf of my father, David Gammons.

David Gammons, prisoner of the drug war__________David Gammons with his family during prison visitation

My father is serving a sentence of 168 months. He is also a first-time nonviolent offender. My father was asked by a so-called friend to bring some meth witch would make them a lot of money. My father did. After three months into this my dads friend gets busted. He became a confidential informant. They staged a vehicle stop they say to protect his involvement with my dad.

My dad's friend starts working with them to get more information on my father.

My father told his friend "one more time and its my last." The next week my father gets stopped by the DEA and arrested. They said my father was a manager or supervisor. And now is serving 168 months my stepmother is serving 51 months for just being in the vehicle. While their friend gets nothing but a pat on the back for getting a man involved and busted.

My question is if my father would have sold to an undercover cop and got busted first, would he e a confidential informant and his friend doing 168 months? What is it first busted first to get put on the federal pay role list? I don't understand.

Everyday I cry thinking of the past, and times I spent with my dad, but I know I have it easy compared to him. Our family has been threw also in these past 2 years and have 12 more to go if we don't put a stop to this drug war.

Teresa Miller

P.S. -- I would like to send a special thanks to Mr. Marks and Mr. Callahan for helping my father while he was in Forrest City, AR. Thank you so much, and may God bless you.