Vanessa Glass -- 00027-031

9 Years -- Crack Cocaine Conspiracy

Vanessa Glass, prisoner of the drug war
In July, 1999 I activated the cell phones of Albert T.'s family. In September of 1999 Albert became an employee of mine. He was on probation at the time, and I knew it. In December, Albert hadn't seen his probation officer for some time, and there was a warrant out on him. He asked me if I would rent him a hotel room in my name until he could straighten things out with his probation officer. I agreed and didn't see anything wrong with it at the time. Albert stayed at the room alone for one and half months.

On January 15, 1999 Albert came by my house, and we went out to eat. As we were leaving, Albert said he needed to stop by his room. I rode with him. While there I received a personal call from my cousin; she said she needed to speak to me. I told her where I was and to come there since I didn't have my car with me. In the meantime, Albert's friend, Dan, came to the room. Just as he was taking off his coat my cousin knocked on the door. I answered it, and then said to her, "Let's go outside." I wanted some fresh air.

While outside talking, two officers approached asking questions about the room. Then Dan came to the door and said that Albert wanted me. I turned around to walk to the room, the two officers, my cousin and Dan behind me. Once I got to the door, I noticed it had been left open a bit. The officers said they smelled weed and pushed the door open. Once the door was opened all of the way, we noticed Albert coming from the bathroom and everyone saw the bag of crack sitting on the table. Dan ran.

The crack was not there before I went outside. I couldn't say whose crack it was because I didn't see Albert or Dan with it.

The three of us were arrested, but they let my cousin go. The officers called more officers before they searched the room. We were handcuffed and sat in the hallway of the hotel until they finished. After the search I was put in the police car, then pulled out to sign the search warrant. Again, I didn't see anything wrong since they had already searched the room.

Later, I found out that there were twenty-five grams of crack in the room. Two months later I also found out that there was a gun in the room. I didn't see anything they said they found, except the crack, after the officers came into the room.

I was denied bond, charged with Possession, Intent and Adding & Abetting until my attorney had worked to have them changed. My attorney did not advise me of the difference in the five year plea and the twenty year plea. I took a plea bargain because my criminal history contains twenty-five petty theft charges in a six year period. I wanted to go to trial, but I didn't think I would have a chance in front of a jury with my history of petty theft.

The judge gave me 120 months. He took off twelve months for cooperating which left me with 108 months in prison for renting a hotel room for someone else. I also received a gun enhancement.

I didn't have anything to do with the crack. I've been clean for over five years. I used to smoke crack, but I wouldn't have gone back to that lifestyle because I have two beautiful children that I love very much. It hurts to be away from them for such a long time.

Vanessa Glass 00027-031