Felicia Hamlett -- 43986-083

12 Years -- Crack Cocaine Conspiracy

Felicia Hamlett, prisoner of the drug war
A young lady I thought was my friend offered me a deal to make quick cash. Little did I know that she was an informant for the government. My financial situation was not stable. I was taking care of my fourteen-year-old nephew and a sister dying of AIDS.

I will ask that you keep in mind that I was also driven by immaturity, lack of education, and a strong sense in getting outside myself through any and all mind altering substances at this point of my life, and yes, I am sorry, very sorry that I was incapable of realizing the effect something like that would have on someone as out of the game as my nephew and those I've hurt in the process of this one-time ordeal.

Although I was using drugs to help me cope with my hardships and responsibilities, I had never sold drugs before this incident. My only intent at the time was to earn as much money as possible. My young "friend" stated she had another "friend" who needed drugs and complained that people she knew were always trying to cheat her out of her money. She knew plenty of people, but she didn't want to deal with them. I was her target, and immersed in a deepening financial situation, I chose to help her out because this was my way out (so I thought).

This was my first mistake. She spent a great deal of time convincing me that the situation was safe and she needed my help. She requested that I find someone to deal with and get the amount of drugs she wanted for someone she knew. According to her, he was willing to pay extra for us to commute and cross the state line. On several occasions, she called continuously. She even called me on a three-way call and introduced me to her "connection."

We only spoke for a few minutes, but the man seemed desperate. They both called me repeatedly, day after day. At first the urgency in which they needed the drugs was surprising. At times it seemed that they had to have them as soon as possible. I could tell they were getting anxious but I didn't listen to my own intuition. It took me awhile to get the drugs because I wasn't a regular doing this. Eventually I was able to get the crack cocaine he asked for, and was paid.

After my planned and certain arrest, I was charged with ten counts; one count for conspiracy and nine counts for distribution. I dealt drugs for a few months and ended up with a ten-year sentence for conspiracy. I signed a guilty plea. There was no discovery effort to receive police records; my attorney incompetent, and due to my lack of knowledge of the legal system, I now understand and believe that I was illegally entrapped into committing a crime. My only hope is that public outcry will force the government to change these laws.