Dale Hill -- #10003-058

14 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Dale Hill, prisoner of the drug war
I'm the youngest of four children, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Donald H Hill. I was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on Ramey Air Force Base in 1966. My father retired from the service in 1972 after twenty-three years.

Our family moved back to Concord, North Carolina to my father's childhood home. We're country people. I come from a farming family. I grew up knowing what hard work was and had a typical farm boy upbringing, and don't regret a minute of it. My parents are both fine people. Dad was big on discipline and respect. About the time I was fourteen, I developed a serious resentment problem. I had my own thoughts and ideas. I was rebellious toward any kind of authority.

I realize now that I was wrong and by the time I was sixteen, my dad couldn't do much with me -- we had a big fight and I left home. I finished high school, living with another family that had a big farm. I missed my twin brother, David, a lot. We were close and I could only see him at school.

My senior year I started drinking and doing cocaine. Not long after graduation I had a drug habit and an alcohol problem. To support my addiction, I started dealing. One thing led to another and in May of 1989 I got busted with five grams of powder cocaine. I pled guilty and got three years probation.

In 1992 I got indicted on this conspiracy charge. Being unwilling to admit my guilt at that time I chose to have a jury trial. I was the only one out of eighteen co-defendants to go to trial. Twelve of my co-defendants took the stand against meHill, Dale