Robert Hobbs -- #05186-030

15 Years -- Drug Conspiracy

Robert Hobbs, prisoner of the drug war
I am a 59-year-old, first time ever in any trouble prisoner. I pled guilty to a five-year sentence, but got 15 years instead. The Judge did not accept this plea. I did not cooperate, or tell on anyone. At my sentence hearing, the Judge believed my co-defendant over me. He was a witness for the government and gave testimony over the phone from a state prison in Iowa. He said I sold him 3 pounds of meth. He lied. My co-defendant was angry with me for dating his wife.

This 15-year sentence is a life sentence for me. I have a hernia, bad knees and kidneys. I don't think I'll make it out of here alive. I've had four lawyers on my case. I don't think the lawyers even try to help you.

I have a daughter, two sons and lots of grandchildren. I have worked hard all my life.