John Paul Irvin

7 Years -- LSD Conspiracy

John Paul Irvin, prisoner of the drug war
I am currently housed in federal prison -- a husband and father of two wonderful daughters you see pictured here with their cousins.

Before my arrest I was a general contractor and "the guy next door." Now I am a convicted drug felon, caught up in a "no-drug" conspiracy to distribute LSD.

The state of Iowa has hit me with a $90,000 tax-stamp violation, my vehicles were seized, my money, and then the federal government indicted me.

I've seven years to serve -- no chance of parole and I had no criminal history.

Drug warriors use defendants looking at long sentences and coerce them to "snitch". Many will tell a long story to avoid a long term in prison.

My wife has cancer that cannot be cured and she and the children exist now on welfare -the war on drugs has destroyed us.