John -- Texas

I am currently incarcerated. I am a parole violator who violated parole by failing to report to parole. The reason I did not report is because I would have failed a urinalysis. I chose to violate due to ‘not reporting’ rather than have “documented drug use” stamped on me. Because, here is the rest of the story:

I have chronic, severe psoriasis. I get broken out with psoriasis so severely that there’s no place on my body not covered by red, swollen, scaly, oozing patches of flesh. It becomes so severe that extending my arm at the elbow to its fully extended position would cause the skin in the joint to rip open. My rectum splits when I have a bowel movement. I’ve swept up piles of skin numerous times during the day that are five inches tall. And the psoriasis has gotten into my joints so that I have psoriatic arthritis. At a healthy 45 years of age it sometimes feels like 70 or 100.

I’ve suffered with psoriasis for over 30 years and seen countless doctors and specialists. The treatment plans have ranged from being covered with a petroleum coal-tar goop all day and taking coal-tar baths, to using maximum allowable dosages of injectable steroids and chemo-type drugs (methatrexate), to phototherapy radiation combined with ointments, shampoos, lotions, injectables, and on and on.

Psoriasis is stress-related. One doctor, ONE, had the guts to prescribe for me a simple and totally effective treatment plan that I could follow: some good, stinky weed and plenty of sunshine. And it worked. No chemotherapy, no steroids, no petroleum coal-tar (carcinogenic?) goops. Just smoke or ingest a little pot and get natural sunlight. 

I have been incarcerated because I was trying to follow a necessary and effective treatment plan for relief from a horrible, very visible disease. I am all for drug law reform. How can I help?