Quincy Johnson -- 03452-036

Crack Cocaine Conspiracy

Quincy Johnson went on a road trip with his uncle and one of his uncle's friends from Chicago, Illinois. They were traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Along the way they were pulled over on a routine traffic stop by a State Trooper. The trooper searched the car, but Quincy did not know that there was crack cocaine in the trunk. He was simply a passenger traveling with his uncle.

I'm Quincy's cellmate and writing this for him today. It was hard when I had to welcome him to the awful war on drugs last Saturday.

Note: Dan Harris, one of the three men in the car said that they bought the cocaine from a home in Chicago and were planning to sell it and split the profits according a newspaper account. Remember -- you could be an innocent passenger, too.

What someone says about you doesn't have to be the truth -- you could go to prison for life without parole and your uncle and his friend could go free for simply testifying against you.