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Warren A. Lee


Sentenced to 40 years for a Methamphetime Conspiracy

Before prison I was a ballet dancer and traveled the world. Dancing, even professionally, is mostly contract work, and contracts end. To survive between contracts, I wrote bad checks to 'stay alive.'

While working for the Sand Castle I was flown to Guam and met an influential man, and methanmphetamine. He promised to open a dance club and give me work and friendship. The work he gave me was a bit-part in a large drug conspiracy.

I plead guilty to the charges because the prosecutors threatned to indict my family members. Under duress, and with no knowledge of the sentencing guidelines, I was sentenced to 40 years, due to enhancements. The influential man was never tried.

Warren A. Lee 01160-093
Springfield USMC
PO Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65801-4000

Updated 4/13/05

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