Nancy Martz -- #85364-011

24 Years -- LSD Conspiracy

Nancy Martz, prisoner of the drug war
I have been imprisoned over six years now and have another 6 years, 7 months to serve in Federal prison.

Originally, I was sentenced to 24 years for a first-time, non-violent offense of selling 37,000 doses of LSD. All but 1,000 doses were based on the testimony of men that "cut deals." They traded testimony against me, for freedom. One of the men who testified against me was sentenced to 7 years, the other received probation and walked from the courtroom a free man.

In 1993, the guidelines for LSD sentencing were changed, made retroactive, and my sentence was reduced accordingly - in my case it was reduced to 15 years. I must serve 13 of these years, the federal system allows no early parole beyond that. My husband was imprisoned before me. He received 40 years.

Our children, Kir and Che' have been without parents since they were 11 and 14 years old. They have grown up to be strong, independent men, however, and I am grateful for their courage and ever constant support.

Kir is being raised by friends in Nevada so I see him infrequently, only 4 times in the last three years and he has no phone so we depend on letters to stay in touch. Che' is 20 now and attends college. He is able to visit me about once a month.

I am not sure what anyone can do about the drug war. People see horrors and react, but then, simply go on. Most newsletters preach to the converted -- how do you reach the unfeeling masses? How do you make people care?

I have no answers. I am so tired of being away from my family. I am so tired of being controlled in every way. I am so tired of the utter waste of it all.

Listen to audio of Nancy, part of the Voice of the Prisoner CD, a 1998 project of the November Coalition.