Caridad Kelly -- #16410-018

10 Years -- Drug Conspiracy

Caridad Kelly, prisoner of the drug war
I received a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence, and my husband is serving 20 years in a federal prison. Combined this adds up to a 30-year sentence that our son, Carlos and our family must serve. We are incarcerated for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

Out entire case was based on the words of paid informants. We were never found in possession of any drugs, yet the government convicted us using testimony from snitches who were promised reduced sentences.

My son is now 14 years old. I was taken away from him when he was 6 years old. My husband hasn't seen his children, including his four children from a previous marriage, since early 1995. I am about six months from release but I still have another ten years to go before my loving husband returns to us.

I will be actively involved in writing and campaigning to end this war on drugs, since I truly know what it feels like to be separated from our families due to the cruel drug sentences.

I thank you and admire the work that is being done in re-educating the public and getting them to support this cause. I applaud The November Coalition and the other fighting family members outside these walls.