Jerry Lewis -- #06616-029

25 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Jerry Lewis, prisoner of the drug war
I was sentenced to 24 1/2 years for a cocaine conspiracy, even though there was no cocaine ever found or put into physical evidence. This is termed a "dry" conspiracy, where evidence is mostly based upon an informant's hearsay testimony. For over two years the informant hounded me to set him up with a source, but I turned him down repeatedly. Finally, his persistence paid off, and I foolishly agreed to fly to Florida with the informant and the "money man," an undercover DEA agent. I was arrested at the airport before getting on the plane.

I was set up, and the jury specifically asked if they could consider entrapment as a defense, considering that I never initiated contact, and was pressured into committing a crime.

I have been imprisoned since January 1991. My parents are close to 80 years old and travel by car to see me. I did not see my son graduate from high school, nor was I present when both my sons graduated from college. I have missed both my sons' weddings.

My children have busy lives, but they still try to visit me at least once a year. I now have six grandchildren. The oldest, whom I have visited no more than 10 to 15 hours, is now starting school. Will I miss his graduation also?