Rolando C. Lizano -- #14122-018

24 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Rolando Lizano, prisoner of the drug war
Dear Friends at the Coalition:

A mutual friend of ours, David, has requested that I tell you about my case. And so if he says that it's for a worthwhile cause, I will do it.

I was arrested on March 4, 1993 for a conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. I hate to have to say this but it was my brother who was culpable in this matter. I only drove him to go see a person about some business transactions that later turned out to be a drug deal. My brother took a plea and was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the conspiracy.

I, who was only the driver for my brother and had no idea as to the nature of the business, took my case to trial and even with my own brother stating that I had nothing to do with the deal, I was found guilty -- by a jury who was asleep most of time during the trial. I was sentenced to 24.4 years in prison for the conspiracy, a dry conspiracy for there was never any drugs at all involved.

I am 67 years old and do not feel anyone should have to take a plea of guilty if indeed they are not guilty of the crime charged.

So my conclusion is that in this country if you are accused of a crime, then you must be guilty for you can no longer defend your self anymore. There is no justice in America any more and I will support your organization in any way that I can in order that the people of America learn the truth of what is going on and change these horrible laws of prohibition.

Please let me and my family know how we can assist you to bring about the needed change of these dark, draconian laws that exist today in America. We are supposed to he a free nation where people can choose and that should include freedom from prohibition and its laws.

I too want to go home and the 24.4 year sentence imposed upon me is the same as a death sentence when I have not committed a crime.